Pre Settlement Funding
Easy, Risk-Free & Lightning Fast

Provident Legal Funding is a direct funder with simple rates for most injury claims

No Win / No Pay

24 hour review and 24 hour funding with Provident

24 Hour Legal Funding

Our low, simple rates can save you money in the long term

Lowest Rate Guarantee

Injured and out of work? We can help you get back on your feet before your case settles.

Legal Funding Isn’t a Loan — It’s a Lifeline

24 hour fast and easy auto accident loans from Provident Legal Funding

Auto Accidents

Injured plaintiffs can get car accident loans for instant cash relief before their case is settled or resolved.

Medical malpractice lawsuit pre settlement funding from Provident Legal Funding

Medical Malpractice

Cash advances for medical malpractice lawsuits can help pay medical bills during a drawn-out case

Premises liability accident lawsuit loans from Provident Legal Funding

Premises Liability

If you are suing for an injury due to poor and faulty conditions of any premises, you might qualify for lawsuit funding

Assault and battery claims can be complicated, but Provident has your back!

Assault and Battery

Need money? Pre-settlement funding advances you cash against your assault / battery lawsuit.

Low rate Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) lawsuit funding from Provident Legal Funding

FELA Lawsuits

FELA accident loans help victims suffering from injuries while they wait for their negligence lawsuit to settle.

Other Personal Injury

Personal injury loans are granted based on the quality of the case and repayment is contingent on settlement. Learn more about personal injury loans here.

Don’t see your claim category?
See all of the personal injury claims we fund or give us a call toll-free at (800) 908-6860 to instantly find out if you qualify for funding.


Why Choose Provident Legal Funding?

Provident saves plaintiffs money with $0 upfront fees and repayment only if you win.

No Upfront Charges

We never charge upfront out-of-pocket fees. Our accident loan is only paid off by your attorney after your case settles. No monthly payments, no hassle, and no risk of repayment if your case is unsuccessful. It’s that simple!


Our low rates keep more money in injured plaintiffs pockets!

Lowest Rate Guarantee

Different case types often come with different rates. At Provident, you don’t have to worry about haggling for the best price because our lowest rate guarantee means we will meet or beat any competing contract terms out there.


Provident Legal Funding puts plaintiffs first. Call us today for better lawsuit funding.

Plaintiffs Come First

At other plaintiff funding companies, their “client” is the attorney or law firm you hired. At Provident, we think plaintiffs should have the power to shop around and find the best rate — not go with whatever company is easiest for your attorney.


No compounding rates means more of your settlement goes to you instead of the settlement loan company.

Direct Funder, Simple Rates

You want to avoid compounding interest or else you’ll end up paying more for the funding over time. Instead, we charge simple interest on most general personal injury claims and we are a direct pre-settlement lender based in California. Get cash without brokers! At Provident, we typically charge less than 5% of review and processing fees — much lower than most legal funding companies.


We NEVER check credit or employment. All that matters is the strength of your personal injury lawsuit.

No Credit or Employment Checks

With pre-settlement legal funding, qualifying for an advance is easier because all that matters is the quality of your case. Your attorney repays us if and only if the case settles in your favor. If your claim is unsuccessful, neither you nor your attorney owe us anything. That means we never need to check your credit or employment background history.


We know you need cash fast, so we offer 24 hour review on most pre-settlement funding requests.

Lighting Fast Funding

After we receive some basic information from your attorney, we can complete our review in hours, not days. Our goal is to complete your loan request within 24 hours. Once approved, you can access funds as soon as a few minutes. We offer direct deposit and MoneyGram (both nearly instantaneous), Western Union, wire transfers, and overnight check delivery — whichever delivery method is best for you.



Pre Settlement Funding FAQs

What is pre-settlement funding?
A pre-settlement funding company provides injured plaintiffs money now in exchange for a percentage of expected future settlement awards. Lawsuit loans can help give plaintiffs the breathing room and financial wherewithal to see a personal injury claim through to a favorable resolution. All pre-settlement funds from reputable companies come with no-win / no-pay contingency. That means that you can use a lawsuit loan as a risk-free tool on your way to settlement.
Is a lawsuit cash advance a loan?
No. Our cash advance is based “on contingency,” which means that Provident’s funding isn’t technically considered a loan — even though that’s the term the industry uses. If your car accident or personal injury lawsuit is not successful, you won’t have to pay us a penny. This differs from loans where a sum of money is borrowed and is expected to be paid back with interest.

Give our reps a call at (800) 908-6860 and tell us a little about your case to get an instant legal funding quote.

How fast can I get a lawsuit cash advance?
For most general personal injury cases, we can approve your case within minutes of speaking with your attorney and receiving basic documentation. Depending on your selected method of funds delivery — wire, check, MoneyGram, or direct deposit (major financial institutions only) — funding can be made available within as little as one hour after approval.
How much does funding cost?
This is an important question. Different case types often come with different rates. Provident Legal Funding offers some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our lowest rate guarantee means that we will meet or beat any competing funding company’s contract. Contact us and tell us a little about your case to get an instant accident loan quote.
What happens if I lose my case?
Just like most personal injury attorneys, our lawsuit funding is based on contingency. That means you don’t owe us a penny unless you win your case. If you take out an accident loan and lose your case, neither you nor your attorney owes us anything. You get to keep the cash for free!
What is the maximum amount of money I can borrow?
The maximum funding you can qualify for is 15% of the expected value of your claim. For example, if you have a $100,000 claim, you can qualify for up to $15,000 in funding. If you have a $10,000 claim, you can qualify for up to $1,500 in funding.
Do I qualify for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan?
Understanding whether you qualify for funding is simple:

  • You must have an attorney, hired on contingency basis. That attorney must also control settlement proceeds in a trust account. This is the case for most personal injury plaintiffs with attorneys.
  • You must be pursuing a claim against an insured party. The at-fault party can also be self-insured, like the city or state and some large corporations.
  • You must have a valid legal claim with documented liability. Our underwriters like to have some clear indication of how you were injured.

Loan approval depends on the strength of your case. The stronger your personal injury or car accident claim, the more likely you will be approved.

How much money can I borrow against my lawsuit?
To calculate how much funding you qualify for, Provident’s underwriting team will estimate the value of your claim. We don’t care about credit or employment – all we care about is liability, damages, and coverage.

  • Is the defendant liable? In order for a case to be successful, the opposing party must be responsible for a plaintiff’s damages. Usually, funding companies look to a traffic accident report, incident report or witness statements to review liability.
  • What are the damages? Depending on the stage of your case, and the amount you’re requesting, loan companies may want to see medical records that show your injuries. This helps us understand the total value of your case, and what expenses have been taken “on lien.”
  • How much much liability coverage do they have? In most cases, insurance policy limits are assumed to be a maximum to your lawsuit’s value. If policy limits are unknown, funding companies usually have to assume the relevant state minimum unless the offending party has commercial liability insurance.
How do you deliver my lawsuit funding?
We are happy to provide complementary direct deposit for major national banks. We can also send wires, checks, and work with a variety of different providers including Western Union and MoneyGram for nearly instant cash delivery.
What cases qualify for funding?
Any valid personal injury claim against an insured entity can qualify for a lawsuit loan. We only require that you have an attorney working on a contingency basis and are over the age of 18. Contact us to inquire about pre-settlement funding for any of the following case types:

  • Personal injury
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall claims
  • FELA lawsuits
  • Police brutality
  • Medical malpractice
  • Construction accidents
  • Assault and battery cases
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents