Commercial Vehicle Accident Loans

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Provident provides some of the lowest rates in the industry on commercial auto accident loans. Broadly, your claim falls into this category if it involves a business vehicle or business employee carrying a large insurance policy.

Some common types of commercial car accidents are:

  • Ride sharing accidents
  • Taxi or limo accidents
  • Semi truck accidents
  • Bus accidents

Commercial Accident Lawsuits

Just because there is a substantial insurance policy at play does not mean that your settlement will be substantial. The extent of damages is the main factor in determining case value.

The main reason businesses carry higher-limit policies is because they want to protect their assets and avoid risk. It is common for most businesses’ insurance policies to be in excess of $250,000.

Aside from the higher potential settlement value, claims against a business insurance policy are much like any other car accident lawsuit.

If liability is clear (i.e. the commercial defendant was clearly at fault), your case will likely settle before trial. In fact, in the case of some high-profile ride-sharing companies (Uber and Lyft), they’ve settled every personal injury claim against them prior to trial. Read more about why ride sharing companies settle claims instead of litigating on our ride-sharing accident page.

Funding On Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

Even if it is early in your claim and policy limits are unknown, we can still provide funding. Because pre-settlement funding companies know that there is a larger policy at play, they are only concerned with liability and damages.

One of the most important parts of a funding request on a motor vehicle accident claim is a traffic accident report. After most crashes involving injury, the responding police officer will interview both drivers and any witnesses, document their findings and try to assign fault.

If you suffered injuries as a result of the accident and the other party was at-fault for the crash, you are very likely to be approved for funding. The amount of funding you qualifies for depends on your injuries and treatment to-date.

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