How Lawsuit Loans Work

Apply online or call

All we need is some basic information about your case and contact information for you and your attorney.

We review your case

Provident's friendly case managers work directly with your attorney to understand your claim.

You get cash in 24 hours

Once approved, we send you a contract. We often deliver funds within minutes of signing.

If you’re injured in an accident, it can be months or even years before you receive your settlement. If you’re out of work as a result of your injury, it can be tough to get-by financially. That’s where lawsuit loans can help.


Applying Takes Less Than 5 Minutes

Your part of the process takes less than 5 minutes, We only need you and your attorney’s contact details to get started. Give us a call or apply online today to get started.


Get Cash Within An Hour Of Approval

Because we offer several delivery options, including direct deposit for major banks and MoneyGram or Western Union, can get you funds almost immediately after approval. Approval usually takes no more than a few hours after speaking with your lawyer.


Approval Is Fast And Easy

Because lawsuit loan companies only focus on the quality of your case, review is fast and easy. While not possible in all cases, we strive to get most plaintiffs approved in less than  24 hours.


We Work Directly With Your Attorney

We work directly with your attorney to get you approved for lawsuit loans fast. Once you apply, we handle the rest. We’ll keep you updated at least daily.


Lawsuit Loans vs. Real Loans

What’s the difference between a lawsuit loan and any other personal loan? Why is there a need for this specialized financing when one could just get a generic loan? It comes down to three major factors:


Risk Free

A key difference betwen lawsuit loans and real loans is lawsuit loan repayment is contingent upon the success of your personal injury claim. That means that if you don’t win your case, you owe us nothing.


Faster Turnaround

While most funding requests take 24 to 48 hours to process, Provident often is able to get plaintiffs funding in a matter of hours, not days. This is possible only with your attorney’s same-day response to our questionnaire and their availability to briefly discuss the case.

Unlike most pre settlement funding companies, we offer several delivery options that take minutes to process, so we can get you funding within an hour of approval and signing.


Easier Qualification

Because the pre settlement funding company only cares about the quality of your lawsuit, legal funding approval is easier than qualifying for most real loans.

Pre settlement funding or lawsuit loans only require a few brief moments of your attorneys’ time to process. Ask our reps about expediting your request, and with your attorney’s help we can get you funding same-day.


No Credit or Employment Checks

No hassle approval process with no employment or good credit required. All that matters for pre settlement funding is the quality of your personal injury case.


How Lawsuit Loans Empower Injured Plaintiffs

Where attorneys in most legal fields charge by the hour or are on retainer, personal injury attorneys work on contingency.The reason for this is to level the playing field between injured plaintiffs and large, legally sophisticated defendants.

But a lawyer is not the only expense a plaintiff has, especially with personal injury cases. You may have to cover medical expenses or living expenses while waiting for your settlement

If you’re injured and out of work, you may be tempted to settle early for a smaller sum of money. An emergency fund can help get you through a few months, but can only go so far.

Insurance companies know this, and they tend to intentionally drag-out cases in favor of pushing the plaintiff towards a quicker, but smaller settlement.

Lawsuit loans can help give plaintiffs the breathing room and financial wherewithal to see a personal injury claim through to a favorable resolution. All lawsuit loans from reputable lawsuit funding companies come with no-win / no-pay contingency. That means that you can use a lawsuit loan as a risk-free tool on your way to settlement.

Costs of Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans can be a life-saver, but some lawsuit loan companies will charge you an arm and a leg for the money. It’s important to do you homework and compare rates from several pre settlement lawsuit loan companies before accepting any funding offer.

SOME legal funding companies charge huge upfront fees – look out for any fees greater than 10% of your advance. Some legal funding companies will charge 30% or even 40% in fees. Fees accrue interest as well and can inflate your lawsuit loan fast. Provident typically charges less than 5% of review and processing fees.

MOST lawsuit funding companies charge compound interest – if at all possible, avoid compounding interest. Compound interest means you get charged interest on top of interest. That means you end up paying more for the funding over time. Provident Legal Funding charges simple interest on most general personal injury claims.

SOME pre settlement funding companies are brokers – always ask if a funding company is a broker or a direct funder. Not all brokers are bad, but remember that you are paying for their services, and typically with interest. Some brokers charge more than 20% in origination fees. Provident Legal Funding is a direct pre settlement funding company in most of the United States.


Lawsuit Loans from Provident Legal Funding

At Provident Legal Funding, we offer all of these above advantages. Lawsuit loans are our specialty, and we know exactly what a plaintiff expects out of their lender.

We offer some of the lowest rates in the industry. On most general personal injury cases, we offer simple interest rates.

Simple interest means you only pay interest on principle. Most “industry leaders” charge compounding interest, or interest on interest. With  simple interest, we help you keep more of your settlement in your own pocket.

With Provident, you don’t need good credit. You don’t need proof of employment. We don’t check any of it. After we assess the case with your legal counsel, we can approve you within 24 hours. Our goal is to get money in your hands as quickly as possible, while making the process as painless as possible.

And of course, we offer a no-win / no-pay guarantee. You will not pay a dime until your case is won, and the money is in your hands. If your case is lost, we lose, not you. With that, we promote empowerment to injured plaintiffs that otherwise could not afford to ride out their case. There is absolutely no risk to you as the borrower.

We all deserve justice. Unfortunately, it’s not always accessible. At Provident Legal Funding, we’re working to widen that access. Lawyers working on contingency play a major part in this fight, but there is still a missing piece. With lawsuit loans, we pick up where these lawyers leave off.

Whether you’re debating if a lawsuit is worth it, or you’re in the middle of one now, legal funding can be the difference between a low settlement, and a high payout victory.  We’re in the access business. We’re in the empowerment business. We believe everyone deserves justice. Contact Provident Legal Funding today to find out how we can help you to your ultimate goal.