Law and Pre-Law Scholarship

From expensive legal fees to long drawn out cases, we have a legal system that thrives off an uneven playing field. Especially in cases where the plaintiff is unable to work, the defendant has unfair leverage. While they may not be able to use that leverage to completely avoid accountability, they often use it lessen how much their negligence will cost them.

That’s a major issue with our legal system that we am to fix. If you feel the same, we want to give you a chance to change the world.

At Provident Legal Funding, we are passionate about promoting access to justice, and that means making the legal system more accessible. There’s no better place to start than with the future generation of legal professionals. That’s why we are proud to offer Provident’s Law School and Pre-Law Scholarship.

In order to make what we do possible, we need an industry full of lawyers that are just as passionate as we are. We need attorneys that work on behalf of victims to hold guilty parties responsible. If you believe you will be one of these major assets to our legal system, then you are the perfect candidate for this scholarship.

Tell us what makes you such a candidate. What are you passionate about? How can you serve the less fortunate, especially victims of negligence? What are you doing now to advance those same ambitions? We’re looking for future lawyers that are already pushing for the same ethics in their own communities, and we want to help them bring it to a larger scale with a scholarship worth $1,000.

Legal Scholarship Criteria

This scholarship is available for incoming and current students in law school, or studying pre-law. Applicants must be a legal US resident with proof of enrollment in an accredited law school.

We will award the scholarship to the applicant we feel best demonstrates dedication to the values of Provident Legal Funding. These primarily include access to justice and plaintiff empowerment. In addition, the award winner will showcase how they intend to use their education to better our society.

This does not have to only reflect the personal injury side of the legal system. While we deal heavily with funding those plaintiffs, access to justice neither stops nor ends there. The winner may also show how they plan to improve their personal community, or the global community at large.

Non-profits and advocacy groups are also an important part of our society that deserve access to justice, especially when battling corporations with seemingly unlimited resources.
Any of these avenues of change our applicable to this scholarship.

Legal Scholarship Application

To apply, we want to know your story. We want to know where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going. The law school scholarship is for future and current students with a drive to make an impact and change the world. So we need to know how you plan to do that.

Start off with a brief introduction. Tell us your interests, your achievements, or anything that you feel adds to your personal narrative. Before we can see the lawyer you plan to be, we need to know the person you are today. This could be anything from charity work to academic honors, or even just your extracurricular activities.

Then comes the time to tell your story. In 750 to 1000 words, tell us why you think you meet the aforementioned criteria. Tell us what you are passionate about, and how you plan to apply your passions to the betterment of society. This can be an essay or a visual presentation. While we do need some written material, you are welcome to be as creative as desired. Show off your talents.


We are currently accepting admissions for the 2019 Scholarship. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2019, after which submissions will be considered for 2020.

Please send all submissions to In the email, please include your submissions as either an attachment or a link.

Provident Legal Funding

For us at Provident Legal Funding, access is everything. That means access to legal counsel, access to justice, and access to the full settlement you deserve. With our law school scholarship and pre-law scholarship, we’re proud to extend that access to education. In helping to bring up the next generation of attorneys, we are planting seeds to spread our mission.

If you feel that you embody this mission, apply today. We want to help make your dream of making an impact on the legal system come true.