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Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits We Fund

At Provident, we fund most personal injury claims. While most other pre settlement funding companies focus on accidents, we fund all kinds of cases from premises liability to employment lawsuits and medical malpractice. See below for a sample of cases we most often fund:

Auto accident lawsuit loans help plaintiffs get back on their feet before settlement

Auto Accidents

Auto accident loans are our specialty. We offer low rates and lightning fast review for a wide range of cases, from car and truck accidents to bike and pedestrian wrecks.

Provident is one of the leading premises liability lawsuit funding companies

Premises Liability

While some premises liability claims can be tricky to underwrite, our experienced staff can help you get some of the lowest pre-settlement funding rates around.

Provident's expert underwriters provide fast funding with great rates on slip and fall accident lawsuits

Slip and Fall Lawsuit

We provide fast and easy funding on slip and fall claims. With $0 upfront fees and approval in as little as 24 hours, we’ll help you get back on your feet financially in no time.

FELA lawsuits can involve major injury and take time to settle. Provident can help.

FELA Lawsuits

We approve most FELA lawsuits for funding within minutes of speaking with your attorney. We offer industry leading rates and the fastest turnaround on railroad injury claims.

Provident's Jones Act legal funding helps plaintiffs get back on their feet with review in as little as 24 hours.

Jones Act Claims

The Jones Act helps maritime workers seek compensation for injuries caused by employer negligence. Our expert underwriters provide low rates and 24-hour turnaround on pre-settlement funding.

Construction accident lawsuit loans from Provident Legal Funding

Construction Accident Lawsuits

We help construction workers with injury claims fight back. If you were injured on-site due to someone else’s negligence or an OSHA violation, we provide funds to start building your case immediately.

Fast and easy pre settlement funding for victims of assault and battery

Assault and Battery Claims

We provide nationwide personal injury lawsuit funding on assault and battery injury claims against insured entities. Give us a call today to see if your case qualifies.

Police brutality lawsuit funding from Provident Legal Funding

Police Brutality Lawsuits

We are passionate about funding police brutality claims. We want to help you seek justice if a law officer used excessive force or caused you undue injury.

Medical malpractice claims are exceptionally difficult to underwrite, but Provident's expert case managers can help!

Medical Malpractice Claims

We provide funding for developed medical malpractice claims that have already been filed and when an expert report has been commissioned to illustrate how medical staff deviated from the standard of care.

Don’t see your claim category?
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Provident Legal Funding: Helping Injured Victims Turn Catastrophe Into Triumph

At Provident Legal Funding, our main goal is to empower plaintiffs to seek the full justice they deserve. We cover a wide variety of personal injury cases and claims. When a plaintiff needs an advance on their settlement, they come to us. And though we can’t approve every applicant, we strive to do our part to fix the inequalities of our justice system.

Most of the lawsuits we fund fall under the personal injury umbrella. That’s because personal injury cases tend to be some of the most unequally funded lawsuits. This is primarily based on the fact that one party (the plaintiff) is often too injured to work, meaning they struggle to make ends meet. The defendant, however, is likely able to bring in a steady flow of cash and drag out the case longer.

This inequality is commonly used to the advantage of the defendant. They exploit the plaintiff’s financial strain in order to get an early settlement at a much lower amount. The plaintiff is forced to settle just to pay their bills.

That’s where personal injury loans can save the day.

By offering an advance on your settlement, we can give you and your family the financial security you need to see this through to the end. This means a higher payout, and a shorter struggle to get back on your feet. In the meantime, you can continue paying rent, car payments, and medical bills.

The best part about these loans is that there is absolutely no risk. If your case is lost, you don’t owe us a penny. That’s our no win / no pay guarantee.

In most cases, we can offer a lawsuit cash advance in under 24 hours.

Apply online or call

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You get cash in 24 hours

Common Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Settlement Loan FAQs

How does it work when getting a pre-settlement injury loan?

While finding the best pre-settlement loan company can be challenging, the process to get approved is actually quite simple. Working together with your attorney, the process from start to finish can take less than 24 hours in some cases.

The first step is applying for the lawsuit cash advance. You can typically do this through most loan company’s website. This streamlines the process and allows funding to work faster. Like all steps, this should be done with your attorney. You may need to provide a few specific details about your case that your lawyer may know more about.

In many cases, you can actually be pre-approved for a pre-settlement loan. There are certain qualifications that applicants must meet, but it’s a quick and easy approval process.

After your loan is approved, the pressure is off you. The funding company will work directly with your attorney to to finalize the financial details. At Provident Legal Funding, we will determine how much money we can advance, and give you and your attorney a contract to sign.

If the contract is suitable, we can get you your funding quickly. In some cases, it can be delivered the same day through a variety of delivery options. We understand that many financial issues are time sensitive, so we make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Does my personal injury case qualify?

Are you concerned that your case will not meet our criteria? Qualifying for a personal injury funding is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to qualify is the following the three elements:

  1. You’ve hired a personal injury attorney on a contingency basis. We require that you have hired an attorney on a contingency fee basis to pursue your injury claim. We work closely with your attorney and they pay us back if your case is successful.
  2. You have a physical injury claim against an insurance company or self-insured entity. Your claim must be against some financially responsible entity that has the ability to pay for your damages.
  3. You’re over the age of 18. This is a simple one. We can only give personal injury loans to legal adults.

If all of the above statements are true, then you pre-qualify for legal funding. Apply online or give us a call at (800) 908-6860 to get approved today.

How do you determine how much funding I can get?

Determining the amount of your lawsuit advance is simple. We typically advance 5% – 15% of the total value of your claim. We can assess the value of your claim within minutes of speaking with your attorney.

To evaluate your personal injury claim, we will work closely with your attorney to look at liability, coverage, and damages.

  • Liability. To understand whether your claim will be successful, we consider liability. We want to know who is responsible for your injuries, and understand the story behind your accident.
  • Coverage. Liability or personal injury coverage is typically the maximum value we can assume for your case. Most commercial policies have substantial coverage. For auto accidents, most states have minimum policy limits. If policy limits are unknown, we can usually assume that there is at least state minimum insurance coverage.
  • Damages. One of the first thing we asses is the damages. Major injuries typically imply a higher value than soft tissue injuries. Unlike most personal injury funding companies, we can provide funding on soft tissue injuries.

Once we have calculated the value of your case, we can typically offer 5% – 15% of your case value as an advance.

How much do personal injury lawsuit loans cost?

The cost of a personal injury loan varies from company to company. The way to ensure you get a good rate is to shop around. Don’t let any company or person tell you that you shouldn’t get offers from a few different funding companies.

Here at Provident, our rates vary from case to case; however, they’re nearly always non-compounding, unlike many of our competitors. This means you are only paying interest based on the principle, keeping the cost low. With a compounding rate, your monthly interest is based off the new amount owed that month (including interest), resulting in hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars over time.

Best of all, our pre-settlement funding only costs you if you win your case. Should you lose, you don’t owe us a penny for the funds we provided.

For more specific information on available interest rates, give us a call. We can provide you with a locked-in rate quote within minutes.

Why choose Provident Legal Funding?

We believe that everyone should have access to justice. By applying for a personal injury settlement loan from Provident Legal Funding, you get cash upfront and — just like contingency representation by your attorney — we only get paid back if you win.

We offer fast and affordable funding to plaintiffs nationwide. Call us today at (800) 908-6860 or apply online.